State of Art Facility

One of the largest facilities of its kind on the North American East Coast, NORAD boasts a current storage capacity of 25,000 + units. With building space of over 245,000 square feet containing a full service and fully staffed body shop, mechanical repair department and accessory installation center there is no task too big or too small.

NORAD Training Center

The Accessory Department is where our experienced team of technicians get vehicles ready for the customer by adding equipment that was not part of the build at the factory. This ranges from the installation of floor mats and owner’s manuals to trailer hitches and puddle lights. Reach out today to find out how we can add value and revenue to your vehicles on the way to the dealer with factory results.

State-of-the-Art Body Shop

We have spent millions of dollars on creating a body shop not because we hope you need it but to be able to help should the need arise.
Unfortunately, damages happen throughout the logistics chain and we are set up to provide repairs and painting procedures that meet or exceed the criteria set forth by the manufacturers.

Foreign Trade Zone

The Foreign Trade Zone or FTZ has been established in Zone 105 to allow customers to save money in several possible way. Customers can use the FTZ for duty deferment, US duty exemption for cargo not staying in the United States, or for vehicle modifications with duty free parts to pay duty on the finished vehicle.

NORAD Training Center

The NORAD training center is a built in classroom where all our employees are trained to meet exacting standards. The room has a full A/V suite over a conference table, as well as a lift and full set of tools to allow your team to teach ours to handle any actions that arise.

Parts Department

With many customers electing to take advantage of our excellent accessory team, having an efficient Parts Department is the only way to keep things moving smoothly. Inventories are tracked and monitored by in-house systems that allow for real-time information and planning.

Computerized Vehicle Tracking

Handling a large volume of cars begins with knowing their locations and understanding the required tasks to make them customer ready. NORAD has developed multiple tracking systems to achieve this goal. These systems generate customizable reports that guide daily operations. Moreover, they can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and distributed through various channels, such as email, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), or API (Application Programming Interface).

PDI / Conveyor Processing

In keeping with our goal to reduce waste in our operations, we re-purposed a car wash into a conveyor processing center. Here the cars are given a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) as well as certain installations that can be completed on the move.
This building has a recessed work zone where technicians can work on the underside of the vehicles without lifting or driving over ramps. This is more efficient and safer at the same time. If you are looking to undercoat your vehicles before delivery or export this building would be a great place to do it.

Vehicle Service Center

NORAD’s commitment to providing world class service is clear when it comes to the Automotive Service Department. Our ASE and factory trained technicians are all well versed and prepared to do everything to the vehicles from computer flashes to engine replacements. We have more than 20 service bays all equipped with internet ports and designed for performance. Most of the bays are outfitted with swing or drive on lifts for access to the underside of the vehicle.

Rail Head Operations

NORAD boasts three rail sidings specifically designed for the efficient loading and discharging of up to 30 rail cars simultaneously. Through our collaboration with the local railway, Seaview Transportation, we can avail multiple spots per day, unlocking significant potential for transportation.

Serviced by the Providence and Worcester (P&W) shortline railroad, we enjoy access to all regions across North America. The P&W’s extensive network connects us to major U.S. and Canadian Class I railroads, ensuring smooth and seamless transit of your cargo to its final destination via rail.